Poland Might Change Its Abortion Law But The Internet Is Fighting Back

The new law would prevent women from receiving an abortion unless they are dying.

Poland already has one of the European Union's strictest abortion laws, but the country is considering new legislation that would basically amount to a total ban.

It could also make any woman who suffers a miscarriage criminally suspect.

Poland's parliament voted on Friday to refer the new law to a legislative committee, keeping the possibility of the almost-ban very much alive.

The bill sparked a worldwide social media protest this week. People shared photos of themselves in black clothes with the hashtag ‪#CzarnyProtest‬ (black protest) — because "black is the color of grief," Nadazdin said.

Girls just wanna have fundamental rights. #CzarnyProtest

#CzarnyProtest how sad is the fact that we still have to fight for our bodies

People expressed fear that new legislation could be harmful to women.

Law we talk about-not only puts women in prison for abortion but also for miscarriage as unintentional homicide #czarnyprotest

I say NO to prison for abortion, I say NO to #Poland where miscarriage is a crime #CzarnyProtest

This week's protests are only the latest this year.

On Thursday, protesters dressed in black gathered outside outside the Polish parliament where the changes were being debated.

Protest in #Warsaw against the anti-abortion bill of #PiS government. #CzarnyProtest #aborcja #polska

The protest was organised by left-wing party Razem. The bill is supported by ruling right-wing party PiS and the Catholic Church.

Ani kroku dalej! Członkinie Razem Wrocław wspierają #CzarnyProtest. @partiarazem #NicONasBezNas #KobietyDoPolityki

"Not a step further! Member of Razem Wroclaw support #BlackProtest."

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