People Keep Sharing This "Corny" Cartoon That's Actually Erotic Art

Yep, people are mistakenly sharing erotic art again.

Over the past week, people keep sharing a drawing showing a man at a life drawing class.

The picture shows the man drawing another student in the class, rather than the naked model.

Good morning to everyone except ppl who think this is even deep in the first place.

yeah that girl is a SLUT for posing naked for art so he's being a REAL MAN and is instead drawing the REAL WOMAN behind her that's SO DEEP OMG UGH HIS MIND

Dude is wild creepy for that lol.

This isn’t the first time the picture has been shared on social media; it tends to reemerge and spread around every few months, meeting the same divided opinion: Some think it's rather cute; others feel it’s lame; some people have accused it of slut-shaming.

He failing art school

Imagine having tits, of any kind, Infront of you and you don't draw them smh amateurs

It’s been a mixed reaction and a lot of negativity has been directed at the artist and those who share the cartoon sincerely.

"Cause you're everywhere to me and when I close my eyes it's you I see." 🎶 (c) arts_sylver

However, the artist behind the picture said his intention was for the picture to be “corny.”

Sylver_Arts — who asked not to be identified due to the nature of his work — is an amateur artist who specializes in erotic art.

He told BuzzFeed News that the picture was part of a series of drawings made last year on the theme of artistic freedom, the first displaying a “romantic” take, the second an “erotic” take with a woman in bondage, and the third a “horrific” take that is only available to his Patreon subscribers.

“I’m ok with people calling it corny. I actually intentionally made it as corny as possible, so that’s actually good,” he said. He said there are lots of interpretations of the situation he drew, but people just seemed to catch onto the “romantic” one.

He also said he was aware that people view his work as sexist, and said that people are entitled to their opinions. He's just surprised his work has gone viral in any context: “I never thought somebody would enjoy my drawings.”

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