People Keep Mistaking This Footage Of A Black Lives Matter Protest For A Pokémon Go Swarm

The footage is being incorrectly shared across social media.

Last week a video began appearing on social media that was said to show a group of Pokémon Go players running onto a highway to apparently catch a Mewtwo.

Rare Pokemon (Mewtwo) found on the highway #PokemonGo

The footage of the swarm has been shared thousands of times from multiple Twitter accounts.

this what happens when you find a mewtwo on a highway #pokemongo

However, the video actually shows footage from a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Oakland on July 9.

The protesters blocked a highway as part of a gathering held to raise awareness of the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police officers. The same stretch of highway and TV logo can be seen in the fake Pokémon Go video.

A day later the video began to appear across Twitter and on YouTube.

I've seen this video so many times omg When Mewtwo is spotted on the I-880 Freeway--

And it quickly spread internationally, first being picked up in France.

Un Pokémon rare (Mewtwo) trouvé au milieu de l'autoroute #PokémonGo

Twitter: @KarelRostand

"Right, some other people found Mewtwo on a motorway in the US and went to block traffic. Because of Pokémon."


これはヤバすぎない?😂✨ ポケモンGOでミュウツーを 見つけて追いかける人の群れ。 #ポケモンGO

"Isn’t this super crazy?

A crowd of people chasing after Mewtwo Pokemon GO."

And then this week, Russian news station Channel One used the video in a piece describing the adverse consequences of playing Pokémon Go.

View this video on YouTube

Among the listed reasons not to play are because it is being used to spy on military bases, because it is bad for the brain, and, with use of the Black Lives Matter video, because it encourages reckless behavior.

Russian social media noticed and began mocking the channel for the mix-up.

Twitter: @Like_A_ru

"Channel One just lied hilariously about Pokémon Go."

Twitter: @LyFerguson1

"Russian Channel One warned about Pokémon Go dangers. They just can’t not lie."

This article originally appeared on BuzzFeed France.