People Are Tweeting Powerful Messages Of Resistance After A Far-Right Party Got Into The German Parliament

"Ich bin #87Prozent."

On Sunday, German party the AfD was predicted to come third in Germany's federal elections. It will be the first time a nationalist party has held such a huge percentage of seats in Germany's parliament since the Nazis more than a half-century ago.

Throughout the past few years, the rising alt-right movement in Germany has begun to adopt the phrase "Wir sind das Volk" ("We are the people") — with those using it defining themselves as anti-immigrant.

The phrase is most commonly associated with the Monday demonstrations, a series of protests between 1989 and 1991 in which the population of East Germany demanded the government listen to voices and bring down the wall.

The term "Volk" was also heavily used by Nazis to push the idea of one nation and race.

Following the election result, people began to share the phrase "Ihr seid nicht das Volk" ("You are not the people"), telling those who claimed the term that they, and their ideas, were not wanted.

Ich betone hiermit unfriedlich: ihr seid nicht das Volk. Auch nicht mit 13 %, genauso wenig wie eine kleine Splittergruppe jemals das Volk

"I want to underline: You are not the people. Not even with 13%, a small faction can never be the people."

Ihr habt nicht mal 80 Jahre gebraucht, um zu vergessen. Ihr habt nichts verstanden. Fickt euch! 87% sind gegen euch, ihr seid nicht das Volk

"You did not even need 80 years to forget. You did not understand anything. Fuck you all! 87% are against you, you are not the people."

87% gegen Nationalisten und Rassisten. Ihr seid nicht das Volk, AfD. #fckafd .

"87% against nationalists and racists. You are not the people, AfD."

The phrase was used across Twitter to express dismay with the result.

13% AfD "Wir sind das Volk" vs. 87% #noAfD - nein, IHR seid nicht das Volk.

"13% AfD "We are the people' vs. 87% #noAfD — No, YOU are not the people."

Ihr seid nicht das Volk #Bundestagswahl17 #fckafd #fcknazis #punchanazi

"You are not the people."

With the AfD predicted to receive as much as 13% of the vote, those opposing the far-right party began using the hashtag #87Prozent to highlight the other 87% of the vote.

Ich bin #87Prozent und ich möchte, dass uns diese Zahl nicht beruhigt. Besser wäre, wir wären 88 Prozent. Oder 89. Oder 90. Oder sogar 100.

"I'm #87Percent and I want that this number doesn't soothe us. It would be better we were 88%. Or 89. Or 90. Or even 100."

Ich bin #87Prozent und wünsche mir eine harte Kante gegen Rassisten und Fremdenfeinde im Parlament. #btw17

"I am #87Percent and I want a hard edge against racists and enemies in Parliament."

Ich bin #87Prozent und wünsche mir, als homosexueller Mensch mit Migrationshintergrund nicht in Angst vor Nazis leben zu müssen.

"I am #87Percent and wish that I would not have to live in fear of Nazis, as a homosexual person with an immigration background."

The hashtag was started by Zeit Online, a German news website.

Ich bin #87Prozent - hier wird niemand gejagt, Herr #Gauland.

"I'm #87Percent — here no one is hunted, Mr. Gauland." (Alexander Gauland is the leading AfD politician.)

Ich bin #87Prozent und möchte, dass sich Politik wieder mehr um Zukunftsthemen dreht, als um billige Provokationen von Rechtspopulisten.

"I am #87Percent and want politics to be more about the future again and not about the provocation of right-wing populists."

Following the announcement of the result, numerous protesters gathered at AfD headquarters to protest.

Ich bin #87Prozent u wünsche mir, dass mehr in Bildung investiert wird. Aufgeklärte Menschen gehen populistischen Phrasen nicht auf den Leim

"I am #87Percent and I want us to invest more in education. Enlightened people don't fall for populist traps."

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