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People Around The World Are Freezing Their Pants And Posing Them In The Snow

Global commitment to snow trolling.

Posted on January 27, 2016, at 10:20 a.m. ET

Parts of Asia and North America have been hit by heavy snowfall over the past week.

Kazuhiro Nogi / AFP / Getty Images

However, the two continents have come together to make the best out of the bad weather and post photos to social media of their frozen clothes, calling them "invisible people."

You know it's cold when... @jimmyfallon #frozenpants

That's right.

安心してください。履いてますよ。 #frozenpants

In Japan, Canada, and America, people have been sharing photos of purposely frozen clothing, elaborately posed to look alive.

ICYMI From @vince_robinet Jeans in Iqaluit where it's still -35. More #FrozenPants here:

It is unclear where the trend started, although Yahoo News reports that Minneapolis resident Tom Grotting has been participating in the prank for years.

Taking a break from writing to create some subzero fun for the neighbors to enjoy--or not :O #amwriting #frozenpants

ズボン凍らせるとか甘いわ なんてったってこっちはパンツだぞ

#FrozenPants #LakeMinnetonka How we pass the time in winter.

The trend has now spread internationally, with people across the world freezing pants, shirts, and even underwear for entertainment while snowed in.

Instagram: @kimtubby

my pants are made for standing! #frozenpants @njoyde

Whilst some users have gone for simple illusions, others have staged more elaborate tricks.

吹雪いてきたよ! #frozenpants in #japan #寒波オモロイ #winter #snowing #snowwhite #landscape #nature #ユキ…

流行ってるらしいから安平山スキー場でもやってみた。 #frozenpants

先生! 透明人間がトリックしています!

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