This Is A Perfect Example Of How Not To Restore An Old Castle


El Castillo de Matrera is an ancient Moorish castle in Cadiz, Spain. It was built in the ninth century and is a national monument.

Last week the castle underwent restoration in an attempt to return it to its former glory.

This was the result.


People on Twitter have been expressing their dislike of the building's redevelopment.

El castillo de Matrera (Cádiz) antes y después de su restauración. Menuda chapuza...

"Matrera castle (Cádiz) before and after its restoration. What a blunder."

Castillo de Matrera, Cádiz, siglo XIII. Cuando llamas a los albañiles en lugar de a los restauradores

Matrera Castle, Cádiz, XIII century. [This is what happens] when you call construction workers instead of restorers.

Qué mierda han hecho en el castillo de Matrera en Cádiz?? 😂😂😂😂 y nos sorprendimos con el Ecce Homo? 😂😂😂😂

"What the shit have they done to Matrera castle in Cádiz?? And we were surprised by Ecce Homo [the Spanish painting botched when restored by a member of the public]?"

The architect behind the project, Carlos Quevado, told La Sexta his aim was to show what the castle would have looked like when originally built.

However Spain's cultural heritage organization Hispanianostra responded by calling the project "absolutely terrible."

"No words are needed, you just need to look at the photographs," the organization said.

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