This Actor Has Decided To Use Her Own Accent For A Huge Role And People Are Excited

"This made me cry."

Last week, CBS released a teaser trailer for Star Trek: Discovery.

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The trailer was immediately praised, with focus on Michelle Yeoh's and Sonequa Martin-Green's roles.

Okay. This made me cry. Because powerful women. Because the old Enterprise theme song. And the visuals are gorgeous…

wow I love my space mothers

This Star Trek Discovery image of Sonequa Martin & Michelle Yeoh has watered my crops, moisturized my skin, rejuven…

Fans were also hugely excited to hear Yeoh speak in her own accent. Yeoh was born in Malaysia and is of Chinese-Malay descent.


Michelle Yeoh has an accent, yes. And I would gladly put her up against any of your current vanilla faves in Hollyw…

For many, Yeoh's own accent just added to the diversity of casting.

I mean, I'm not even a huge Star Trek fan but Michelle Yeoh is giving orders and still has her accent and I'm BAWLING all over my keyboard!?

I also love Michelle Yeoh's accent. This is progress. Reminds me of the Diego Luna fan story that went viral. #StarTrekDiscovery

On Friday, writer Swapna Krishna wrote about how hearing Yeoh use her own accent made her emotional as she saw someone like her family portrayed on screen.

The article hit home for a number of people.

ADORE this piece from @skrishna on the importance of Michelle Yeoh's accent in the Star Trek Discovery trailer

Shortly after it was published, Yeoh responded to the article, saying it was a conscious decision and thanking fans for their support for the show.

Facebook: yeoh2016

Her response provoked even more praise for her portrayal.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Yeoh's reps for further comment.

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