People Really Love This List Of Good Things That Have Happened In 2016

Time to find some hope in this trash year.

A Tumblr user has gone viral after she compiled a list of positive things that have happened in 2016. It's pretty comprehensive!

Tumblr user helthehatter put together this list on Tuesday, using points from a similar Reddit thread from July, and some of their own experiences.

The post lists a bunch of noteworthy, positive events from 2016, such as a breakthrough in ALS research thanks to last year's Ice Bucket Challenge...

...the people who dressed as angels to block members of Westboro Baptist Church from protesting the funerals of the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting...

The Angels arrive to huge applause at St Luke's for funeral #OrlandoStrong @wmfeorlando to block WBC

...and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an Oscar.

While some of the facts in the post may be a little off, the sentiment has clearly had a positive effect – since Tuesday it has received over 170,000 notes.

People sharing the post have also added their own personal triumphs from this year.

Helthehatter told BuzzFeed that while the post may not help everyone, they are "overwhelmed" with the reaction.

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