People Are Sharing Images In Solidarity After The Attacks In Iran

At least 12 people were killed, according to local media reports.

On Wednesday morning, gunmen attacked the Iranian parliament and a symbolic shrine in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Following the news of the attacks, Iranians have been posting messages of support online to show they stand together against terrorism.

رمز عبور ما از بحران ها اتحادِ ماست.. #در_کنار_همیم

امروز فقط و فقط #ايران مهمه خارج از بحث هاي سياسي و خارج از تمام جناح بندي ها براي حفظ كشورمون بايد كنار هم باشيم…

The hashtag, #در_کنار_همیم — meaning "we are together" in Farsi — appeared across social media, along with images and messages of support.

Pray for #iran #در_کنار_همیم

تسلیت به همه ایرانیان؛ ما ملت شجاعی هستیم که داغ کم ندیدیم . #در_کنار_همیم


We stand together against terrorism ✌ #Iran #prayforTehran #در_کنار _همیم

کاش زودتر بفهمیم که الان زمان مناسبی برای تخریب همدیگه نیست، ایرانِ امروز همبستگی نیاز داره. #در_کنار_همیم…

Hours after the incidents, ISIS claimed responsibility for the rare attack on the Iranian capital.

Today is really sad for me and my people in #Iran 😢😢😢 we wil revenge #ISIS 😡 #TehranAttacks #Tehran #در_کنار_همیم

We are together #در_کنار_همیم #iran

The situation lasted for more than three hours, before Iranian media reported it was over, with at least 12 dead.

I Stand with TEHRAN #تهران #در_کنار_همیم #we_are_together