CCTV Footage From A 2011 Bombing Is Being Shared As Footage Of The Brussels Terror Attacks

The footage is actually from a suicide bombing at Domodedovo Airport, Russia, in 2011.

People are sharing CCTV footage of an airport attack from 2011, claiming it's from Tuesday morning's attack in Brussels.

Suspect the Daily Mail is going to have to take this post down

Multiple sources are sharing a video from news site Press TV, claiming it was lifted from CCTV inside Brussels airport.

A one-picture debunking of #Brussels CCTV footage. Hoaxers work fast. If you see it shared, ask them to unshare.

The footage actually shows an attack on Domodedovo Airport in Russia in 2011. That attack left 35 dead and 180 injured.

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Belgian media are reporting that at least 13 people have died in two attacks in Brussels on Tuesday morning.

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