People Are Really Excited About How Hot Kiev’s New Police Officers Are

I know my rights and they're sooo right.

A new police force has been created in the Ukrainian city of Kiev to reduce corruption.

It’s been a popular decision for some. Now photos of locals with the city’s beautiful new recruits are all over social media.

Моя нова поліція 😍😍😘😘 #селфізкопом #kyivpolice

Photos of the beautiful men and women are being shared with the hashtags #KyivPolice (Kiev Police), #новаполіція (new police) and #селфізкопом (selfie with a cop).

#селфізкопом #поліція #Київ #УКРАЇНА

This comes only a year after Ukrainian special police, the "Berkut", were heavily criticized for their violent actions during the 2014 revolution, which resulted in the ousting of former President Viktor Yanukovych.

The new force are specifically for traffic and road patrol.

According to BBC Trending, the force has a Facebook page and an Instagram account that has gained 15,000 followers in under a week.

новая форма) 😎 #kyivpolice

Нова патрульна поліція склала присягу. Свято не тільки у патрульних, а й у киян► #селфізкопом

It's not yet known if Kiev’s new police officers will turn around the reputation of their predecessors.

An earlier version of this article stated that the new police officers were joining an existing force. It has since been updated as the officers are part of a newly created police force.

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