A Woman Has Been Photoshopped To Meet Ridiculous Body Standards, Again

"Can you make sure we can see her face AND her ass?'

On Monday, Warner Bros. released the poster for the rebooted Tomb Raider film, starring Alicia Vikander as the main character, Lara Croft.

Her legend begins. #TombRaider, in theaters March 2018.

However, soon after the poster was released, people began noticing something strange about it.

@TombRaiderMovie @frontastic Is it just me or is her neck all wrong?

What's up with her neck?

For comparison, Vikander's own neck vs. the poster neck.

The poster went viral. People offered their humorous suggestions for alterations to the picture.

@TombRaiderMovie fixed the neck for you

And just tried to work out what the hell was going on.

'No, can you make sure we can see her face AND her ass?'

@Harvey_Art @Ebicentre Here's hoping we finally find out how she created Boba Fett.

The new #TombRaider poster actually stays very true to the *original* game but you fake fans wouldn't know that, wo… https://t.co/xXUeP8XDmX

And tried to fix it.


BuzzFeed News has reached out to Warner Bros. for comment.

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