People Are Outraged At This Video Showing Football Fans Abusing Romany Women

A representative for PSV Eindhoven told BuzzFeed News that the club's chair is "disgusted" by the fans' behavior.

A video shared to Twitter shows fans of the football club PSV Eindhoven throwing money and laughing at Romany women in Madrid's Plaza Mayor prior to last night's match.

Fans del @PSV humillando a mujeres en Madrid lanzando monedas y riéndose de ellas. La pobreza como espectáculo.

"Fans of the @PSV humiliating women in Madrid by throwing coins and laughing at them. Poverty as a spectacle. "

Videos from the incident show the fans throwing coins and stones at the women and laughing as the women pick up the coins. One clip, however, does show what appears to be a local man criticizing the fans and helping the women.

Un ciudadano se enfrenta a una banda de hooligans holandeses que lanzan monedas a mujeres pobres.

"A citizen confronted a band of Dutch hooligans throwing coins at poor women. "

When a video of the incident was initially shared on Facebook, many commenters seemed to support the fans' actions, referring to the women as "thieves".

"They are not beggars, the are the biggest thieves in Madrid. As soon as you get distracted they screw you, so don't be sad, because they live better than many of us,"

"C'mon, racism my ass! Fuck them, they must be sick of stealing on the subway and they don't care! With the shitty racism we are a fucking paradise for criminals!"

"They are not beggars, they are the worst kind of scum that end up in Spain because here that trash that also takes our tourism away from us is protected and tolerated. But it doesn't matter, this gypsy scum increases in Spain everyday and besides stealing they also get subsidies."

But as the video spreads, Spanish people — as well as football fans across the world — are expressing their disgust at the behavior of the Dutch team's fans via Twitter.

Unas monedicas sí que le tiraba ahora a la cabeza a ciertos aficionados del PSV, pero con mucha fuerza. Y en vez de monedas, piedras gordas.

"I would throw some coins to the head of certain PSV fans, but quite strongly. Also, instead of coins, I'd use huge rocks."

Los seguidores del PSV humillando a mendigas en la Plaza Mayor es la imagen repugnante de la semana. De verdad, qué asco de gente.

"PSV fans humilliating beggars in the Plaza Mayor is the most disgusting image of the week. Disgusting people."

To disrespect other people like @psveindhoven fans in Madrid is inhuman. We are all humans no matter how rich or poor or from where we are.

#Psv Eindhoven ceza almalı. #psv should be responsible for their supporters and get a fine! @PSV @psveindhoven

Are you guys having fun with this? Really? What kind of people are you? @PSV @supverpsv

A representative for PSV Eindhoven told BuzzFeed News that the club's chair was "disgusted" by the fans' actions, and the club will be releasing a statement and video addressing the controversy soon.

UPDATE: According to The Mirror, a spokesman of PSV fans said that "at least the beggars are better off, financially". A representative for the club told BuzzFeed News that the spokesman is not part of the club and that these are not their thoughts.

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