People Are Outraged At These Images Of Teachers Having Their Hair Forcibly Cut By Protesters

Mexico's education secretary says those involved will be punished.

Twitter users are sharing images of young protesters in Mexico cutting the hair of older women because of their refusal to join their strike.

RETENIDOS. En #Comitán detienen y cortan el cabello a profesores que no forman parte del paro magisterial #Chiapas

The protesters are believed to be part of Mexico's National Confederation of Education Workers (CNTE). The protest last weekend was one of many since Mexico's president introduced education reforms in 2013.

Indignante ver el trato que vagos del #CNTE dieron a maestros en #Chiapas Total repudio a esas acciones denigrantes

According to the BBC, a group of 14 teachers who defied the strike were forced to walk barefoot through the town of Comitan, in the state of Chiapas, with signs implying they were traitors. Some also had their heads shaved in front of crowds.

#Chiapas - Miembros de una organización que apoyan a la CNTE raparon a maestros que daban clases

"Members of an organization supporting the CNTE shaved teachers who held classes."

Angry Twitter users have been sharing photos and videos of the teachers, criticizing the aggressive treatment of them.

Me llena de rabia las agresiones cobardes de la CNTE contra los maestros que sí trabajan 1/2

“It fills me with rage, these cowardly aggressions from the CNTE against teachers who do work."

Indignante. En Comitán, Chiapas "rapan" a maestros... Por no irse a paro y querer dar clases.

"Outrageous. In Comitan, Chiapas teachers "shaved"... For not going on strike and giving classes."

¿Qué tipo de imbécil puede apoyar a estos delincuentes que humillan a todos los maestros de México?

"What kind of idiot can support these criminals who humiliate the teachers of Mexico?"

Mexico's Education Secretary Aurelio Nuno said those responsible for the humiliation will be punished.

Desde la @SEP_mx ya estamos trabajando con la PGJ de #Chiapas para determinar responsabilidades penales en contra de los responsables.

"We are already working with the #Chiapas law enforcement to bring criminal charges against those responsible."

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