People Are Freaking Out Over This "Johnny Johnny" And "Baby Shark" Video Mashup

Two of the creepiest, but also the best, videos on the internet.

Over the past week, a video of a baby and man dancing to a children's nursery rhyme has gone viral.

i’m losing my fucking mind

The lyrics to the rhyme, known as "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa," has been a meme for years and is most commonly associated with autogenerated YouTube cartoons. Videos of it have been floating around since 2009.

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The rhyme itself has been around for ages and is particularly popular in South Asia.

Since then it has become part of internet lore. There's a whole subreddit devoted to versions of the song and similar videos.

Most of the videos, which rack up millions of views, feature similar elements and generic animation. Several versions of "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa" exist on the page, as well as other nonsense songs.

The music from the video is from another viral video, "Baby Shark," which is also made by a company that mass-produces YouTube videos for kids. This one, called Smart Study, is based in South Korea.

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The video has reminded people how much they love the "Johnny Johnny" rhyme.

me during sex: hurt me them: Johnny eating sugar? me: wait- them: telling lies? me: no papa

Twitter is trying to break me I swear. Just on the verge of getting Dr Alex's oòooòiìiiiì out of my head and then you throw this shite at me

national anthem - old as shit - written by a racist - way fuckin overplayed - not catchy at all johnny johnny yes papa - fucking slaps - catchy as hell -teaches children not to eat sugar without asking their parents

johnny johnny yes papa 😜 👊/||\_ _/¯ ¯\_ eating sugar no papa 👋 \ 😳 || \_ _/¯ ¯\_

But the remix has proved to be popular too!

you ever just sit with your friends havin a good time and then the fucking johnny johnny yes papa/ baby shark mashup pops up in your fucking head and the next thing you know you’re singing ‘eating do do do do do do eating do do do do do eating sugar’

@L_Ankney5 @wongnicole8 @b6ner @GravenZach @austin_callahan

@b6ner @xKnowlesyy Is this a remix of what I think it is.... That stint of creasing at proper fucked nursery rhymes is something i miss!

Or not.

johnny johnny yes papa videos r the scariest things on youtube who is making them

johnny johnny yes papa x baby shark is actually my worse night mare huh

Whoever had the bright idea of mixing 'Johnny Johnny Yes Papa' with 'Baby Shark' is a damn monster

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