People Are Celebrating Diverse Relationships With The Hashtag #PoCInLove

"Seeing us prosper and find one another in a country that wants to put us down."

A hashtag has been created to celebrate relationships between people of color.

Sri Lankan and African American💖 He really is the sweetest thing in my life. 7 years and counting🔐 #POCinlove

~Ethiopian and Palestinian~I saw this and had to show yalls how happy my man makes me, my other half 💖#PocInLove

Twitter account @BeautyInColor created the hashtag last year, and revived it last week for Valentine's Day.

I'm bringing back #PoCInLove. I hope to see lots of people participate.

#POCinlove bcos honestly have u ever seen a man so fine who knows so much about numbers and economics and stuff? 🇲🇺

The owner of the account told BuzzFeed News she created it after seeing a selection of romance books that only portrayed heterosexual white people in love.

ghanaian & cambodian. almost 2 years strong and happy💘💑 #POCinLove

"There's not many stories out there about couples who are Arab and black or Filipino and Mexican or just black and black or Asian couples," she said. "There's really nothing about poly and LGBTQ+ couples that are people of color either."

Because after 2 years you still want to wake up to my morning breathe & deal with my mental disorder. The love of m…

Flew from Borneo Island about 2 years ago and found him across the South China Sea. #PoCinLove

The hashtag really picked up steam over the last week.

Loving this hashtag. Esp as it reminds me of my sis and my Brazilian bro-in-law. #PoCInLove

Beauty in Color said the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, although there have been some negative comments from outside the community.

the cutest mexican/dominican/honduran couple you'll ever see #POCinlove 💕

his kindness makes me fall in love w him harder everyday. never met such a caring person like him. #PocInLove ❤

"People don't realize when you're not included in mainstream representation, you create your own representation," she said. "Hence how I started my page."

she's my likkle guyanese guinep, i'm her trini bae lol. i'm chinese/indian/portuguese. she's my best friend 💙💙…

It's hard to show affection when we're breaking social norms, but hey, progress never comes if we're stagnant and o…


me seeing #pocinlove, seeing us prosper and find one another in a country that wants to put us down

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