YouTube's "Rewind 2018" Just Surpassed "Baby" As The Most Disliked YouTube Video

Finally, something that united Logan Paul, PewDiePie, and K-pop fans.

On Wednesday night, YouTube's 2018 Rewind surpassed Justin Bieber's "Baby" as the most disliked video on YouTube.

YouTube Rewind 2018 just surpassed Baby to become the most disliked video on YouTube. #YouTubeRewind

This all started last week, when YouTube released its annual "Rewind" — a fun summary of the popular content on the platform from the past year.

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It featured appearances from Will Smith, Ninja, the Dolan Twins, Michael Dapaah, Trevor Noah, and John Oliver among others.

Soon after the release of the video, people began criticizing it for failing to truly cover YouTube's content.

#YouTubeRewind summed up in just one picture

Creators want YouTube Rewind to be a celebration of YouTubers and the biggest/best stuff on the platform that year. YouTube wants Rewind to be a couple minutes they can show to advertisers and say “look at all the great stuff over here that you want to spend your dollars on!”

is there a seperate youtube rewind video with all the black youtubers or...........

Fans of big YouTube stars like PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, and Logan Paul complained about omissions from the video, especially as a number of creators who primarily use other platforms were featured.

Fans of BTS were angry that, despite the rewind paying tribute to the music video for "Idol," the K-pop group was not named, and due to an ongoing belief many fans have that YouTube alters BTS video views.

Others noted that, after a year in which YouTube has had a number of controversies ranging from Paul's "suicide forest" video to reports on how the platform has led to right-wing radicalization, the rewind felt like a cover-up.

YouTube you forgot to put this in this years rewind #YouTubeRewind

So true I had to steal this from my discord and post it here. xD #YouTubeRewind2018

So rewind starts with a Fortnite theme but they don’t include any of the biggest fortnite creators The only guy that gets a spot is the one who exclusively uploads his highlights from TWITCH streams and in no way creates YouTube content. You literally can’t get more tone deaf

People began disliking the video.

Its that time a year we all gather around in holiday spirit and dislike YouTube rewind.

It's worth noting that the number of dislikes on YouTube's end-of-year rewinds has grown over the past few years — at time of writing, the 2015 video is on 193,000 dislikes, 2016's has 533,000, and 2017's has 2 million.

Don’t stop at disliking. #YouTubeRewind2018 #YouTubeRewind

Over the weekend, the 2018 video reached the No. 2 spot on the list of most disliked YouTube videos of all time, right behind "Baby."

Breaking: #YouTubeRewind 2018 HAS PASSED JAKE PAUL'S "IT'S EVERYDAY BRO" FOR THE #2 SLOT IN THE LIST OF MOST DISLIKED VIDEOS OF ALL TIME! It's more disliked than: Despacito Friday CoD Infinite Warfare trailer And second only to Bieber's "Baby"

And by Monday, a full-on campaign had started to get "YouTube Rewind 2018" to surpass "Baby."

YouTube Rewind 2018 is currently the 2nd most disliked video ever on YouTube. Only behind Baby by Justin Beiber. Do your part --- dislike the Rewind 2018 video and take your dislike off of Baby by Justin Beiber. We need 3 million more dislikes.

Some people un-disliked "Baby" to speed up the process, but others appeared to be disliking the Bieber video too, as its count is also going up.

Biiiiitch it's only been 5 days and this year's YouTube Rewind is ONE MILLION AWAY from being the Most Disliked Video of All Time, surpassing @justinbieber's Baby music video! If you haven't disliked it yet, do it, it's a terrible video 🤮

@Thibziboy, a 20-year-old from Brest, France, told BuzzFeed News that he felt the campaign was the perfect way of showing YouTube it had let its audience down.

"The only to show to YouTube that we didn't like it, since they are tone-deaf to what we ask/comment, is to hit where it hurts them: in the dislike count," he wrote. "And we still have 2 days to get to Justin Bieber's Baby 9M dislike count, which was gathered in 8 years. In one million, it would become more disliked in less than 8 days than a video which got there in 8 years, highlighting how much the goal was missed for this year's YouTube Rewind."

He also noted that the video failed to pay tribute to a number of YouTubers and people who influenced YouTube culture who died in 2018, such as Stefán Karl Stefánsson and the three travel vloggers who fell over a waterfall.

I love how people are setting aside their middle school feud with Justin Bieber to make YouTube Rewind 2018 the most disliked video on YouTube

The campaign has grown so popular that multiple people have set up counters to watch the dislikes grow.

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When asked for comment, a spokesperson for YouTube said the whole point of the Rewind video is to get the community to engage with it.

"Every year when we release our Rewind video, our number one goal is getting the community to engage with it," the spokesperson said. "This includes liking and disliking the video. With millions of comments, millions of likes and dislikes, and more than 100M views, we’re pleased with the results."

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