People Keep Tweeting Celebrities "Om Telolet Om" And Now Everyone Is Doing It

The meme has taken over the internet.

Back in November, people on Facebook shared a video of kids in Ngabul, Indonesia, shouting "Om telolet om" (Sir, honk your horn, sir) at buses with customized horns.

Facebook: video.php

The craze caught on, and soon buses traveling through towns were met with crowds demanding to hear their horn.

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The onomatopoeic phrase "om telolet om" also caught on, with many people sharing it on its own.

It basically became a huge meme.

Indonesians began sending the phrase to musicians and visitors to their country.

ok but for real tho why am I getting notifications that people commenting "om telolet om" on all my social media platforms

Slowly they caught on, and started sharing it back.

Even the chainsmokers, yellowclaw, zedd, dj snake 'til martin garrix and etc talking #OmTeloletOm on twitter 😂

OM TELOLET OM doesn't seem to work on the 243 to Wood Green 🙁

And now it's just everywhere.

It seems especially popular with musicians.

just went outside and yelled om telolet om at a bus - obviously hasn't made it to Australia yet

Some have even begun incorporating the unique horn sound into remixes.

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Basically, om telolet om.

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