This Mom Has Been Turning Her Daughter’s Doodles Into Hilariously Adorable Embroideries

Mom and embroidery goals.

Sidney Gish is a 19-year-old student at Northeastern University, Boston.

She told BuzzFeed News that back in spring, her mom, Susan, started making embroidery. She asked Sidney to suggest something she could embroider. Sidney sent her a doodle from her math notes called "'Make Good Choices' Egg," which her mother then embroidered.

Sidney shared the results to her Tumblr page, where they quickly went viral.

Sidney continued to send her mom her doodles, with her sisters joining in too.

Susan puts all the finished artwork on her Etsy, where it is available to buy.

Sidney said that she has enjoyed the reaction to her mom's work, especially as it's led to some of her art being sold.

Susan has even started taking commissions to turn other people's weird art into embroidery.

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