Everyone In Bosnia And Herzegovina Is Pissed Off That The Internet Thinks They Don't Have A Beach

Via some extremely angry fans of Bosnia on Twitter.

If you've used social media recently you have probably seen this meme.

Bosnians : I want to swim. Croatia : no

Bosnians : I wanna swim Croatia : No

The meme has become the bane of every Bosnian's life.

Would just like to thank all 2847104 people that sent me the same post about Croatia not letting Bosnia swim.

if one more person sends me the bosnia/croatia meme i’m gonna harakiri myself

The meme about Bosnia and Croatia is actually taking over my timeline and dms

However, the meme misses one crucial point. People in Bosnia and Herzegovina can swim at the beach!

Because their country has a tiny coastline! It's the second smallest in the world.

It goes way back to the 17th century and the Great Turkish War. In short, following this conflict, a small part of land from then city-state Dubrovnik was given to the Ottoman Empire, which ruled Bosnia at the time. It's remained that way since.

The region, technically in the Herzegovinian area of the country, is called Neum, and looks super pretty.

And it has a load of fans who have been bigging it up since the meme went viral.

@streamside1070 @chobaii @ohNoobDerp I beg to differ.

The city of #Neum is Bosnia’s only access point to the Adriatic. The inland area behind Neum has a rich archeological history and untouched wilderness and is starting to develop agricultural tourism. https://t.co/skrQtbT9RT. 🏖


That "Bosnia: can I swim? Croatia: no" meme is still at it despite my best efforts to point out that Bosnians swim in Neum. THEY SWIM IN NEUM I'M SAYING BOSNIANS SWIM IN NEUM

Don’t well actually a joke don’t well actually a joke don’t well actually a joke don’t well actu..... BOSNIA HAS 12 MILES OF COASTLINE MAINLY DUE TO A TREATY INVOLVING THE OTTOMANS AND VENETIANS IN 1699 AND THE CITY OF NEUM IS A PORT. BOSNIANS CAN SWIM WHENEVER THEY DAMN PLEASE https://t.co/xQ5a3BLWNC

And the country also has a load of inland lakes and waterfalls where people can swim.

So technically.

@ohNoobDerp @randirahman Bosnians: pleaseeeewwwww? Croatia: okay you can swim a little bit

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the country's tourist office for comment.

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