Someone Wrote A Poem About A Cow And Now Everyone Is Doing It

Respect iambic dimeter.

In October last year, a now-deleted thread on Reddit asked health inspectors to share their worst experiences on the job. User Chamale told a story about his stepdad. In it, a health inspector catches a cow licking bread.

In response, Poem_for_your_sprog, who writes poems in response to thread topics, wrote a poem about cows licking bread.

According to Meme Documentation, screenshots of the poem were shared to Tumblr shortly afterwards, but didn't really go further than that.

A few weeks ago, the meme appeared again thanks to Tumblr user annleckie.

And now the meme is everywhere. Some users have stuck to the theme of cows.

my name is Cow; wen man with sheeld with hevy tred disturbs my feeld, i feer no stycke, i do not stop – i lowr my h…

Others have written about different animals.

Some have even incorporated the style of the poem into their own fandom or interests. / Via

The meme has inspired debate among Tumblr language enthusiasts, with users noting that the language in the poem is not "baby talk" but an emulation of Middle English. It has led to arguments over proper use of iambic dimeter.

While the creator of the poem has not commented on its success, they have re-created the structure of the poem in other Reddit posts.

Even in Spanish.

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