This Photo Of A Woman Covered In Mosquitoes Is Very "Non-Aesthetic"

Anastasia Gruzdeva, who's from Russia, told BuzzFeed News that she's not grossed out at all by the bugs.

Anastasia Gruzdeva is a 24-year-old from the Yakutia region of Russia. You might remember her from this very cold, very viral photo from earlier this year, taken in her home region.

Earlier this month, Gruzdeva posted a picture of herself near the region's capital city, Yakutsk, but this time in slightly different weather.

Gruzdeva's caption pretty much summed up all of our feelings toward this photo.

"This photo was sponsored by — a bouquet of flowers and no mosquitoes whatsoever. Do you want to stop by and take picture? Or collect some flowers? Then get ready to feed a crowd of mosquitoes. This was horrible."

Like her previous photo, this new one has caught on. The Instagram post was liked 12,000 times...

...and it's spread around the internet as a meme.

Those first few seconds when you walk outside at 8pm

It also popped up on the "Things that are not aesthetic" Facebook page, which shares images that make your skin crawl.

Some people were kind of negative about the photo.

this ant girl is the president of white wakanda

But Gruzdeva doesn't seem to mind. She told BuzzFeed News that the mosquitoes didn't bother her.

Anastasia Gruzdeva, queen of all weather.

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