Kenyans Are Telling Obama Not to Discuss LGBT Rights With #KenyansMessageToObama

Kenyans used the hashtag to advise the president ahead of his visit later this month.

Kenyans have been using the hashtag #KenyansMessageToObama to advise the U.S. president against any attempt to challenge LGBT rights in the country.

#KenyansMessageToObama We have very beautiful, amazing and lovely women... why should we be gay

#KenyansMessageToObama #KenyansMessageToObama talking about homosexuality here in Kenya doesn't mean we will practise it

The hashtag has gained traction among the religious right in Kenya ahead of Obama's visit next month.

I guess the only message Kenyans have for Obama is we are not gay!!! We love God!TIA..well according to this hashtag #kenyansmessagetoobama

#KenyansMessageToObama even satan was not gay @Githuqu #KOT

The comments come after Kenyan House Majority Leader Aden Duale criticized the US's legalization of same-sex marriage last month, citing the need to "avoid the destruction of our society at the behest of negative foreign influences.”

@POTUS #KenyansMessageToObama..when in Kenya stick to business.. No Gay shenanigans

#KenyansMessageToObama @POTUS the homo agenda is not of interest to Kenyans. Try security and trade.

In Kenya, same-sex sexual acts are still a punishable crime, with those found guilty facing up to 14 years jail time.

#KenyansMessageToObama we dont support Gayism

#KenyansMessageToObama do you have a male companion? Leave us alone, we know who we are!

There have also been anti-gay rallies in anticipation of Obama's arrival.

However some Twitter users have been criticizing those using the hashtag to spread anti-gay sentiment.

We have pressing matters,things that matter to Kenyans lives. Keep your gay agenda to yourself, Kenya's want business #KenyansMessageToObama

#KenyansMessageToObama - so many people obsessed with homosexuality! Don't like it? Remember: making it legal won't make it compulsory :-)

Some Twitter users are taking Obama's visit less seriously. This tweeter joked about improved transport infrastructure thanks to the upcoming visit.

#KenyansMessageToObama He should be coming to Kenya yearly so that Kidero will be maintaining our roads..

Other young men have been encouraging the president to bring his daughter along on the visit.

#KenyansMessageToObama people were paying 10k to hang out with Lupita how much do you require,i want to Hang out with you. bcos of Malia

#KenyansMessageToObama just accept the cows on offer for Malia before she comes holding hands with a conje look alike lady..

Her ID is ready she can come to Litein and pick it #KenyansMessageToObama

The US leader's trip to his father's native land will coincide with the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, a meeting for companies, governments, and business leaders.