There's A Hot New Trend Where Japanese Women Pose With Samurai Swords

Now, this is a trend I can get behind.

Meet the “katana joshi” (カタナ女子) or "katana women." They are young Japanese girls who like collecting and posing with samurai swords.


刀(カタナ)女子かぁー。 オイラも刀のコレクションが欲しいなぁ♡ つか、しょこたんの刀女子姿、カッコイイすなー!!

Hell yeah.

#カタナ女子 なんか違うかな


The trend is inspired by an online game called Touken Ranbu.


Players assume the role of Saniwa Sage, a young girl who travels back in time to defeat evil forces. As Sage, you are able to give life to inanimate objects, including turning ancient swords into hot men.

The girls have appeared on numerous TV shows in Japan to show off their historical weaponry.


According to Kotaku, this isn't the first time the young women of Japan have shown appreciation for their country's military history.

刀剣女子の次はカタナ女子? 太刀とか実際に見ると確かに綺麗だよね。 テレビ朝日でこんな紹介のされ方してた⊂((・⊥・))⊃

"Rekijo" or women who like Japanese history, has been a popular trend for a few years.

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It even inspired katana based fitness classes.

You keep doing you, ladies of Japan.

水曜バイキング「AKB48川栄李奈が中川翔子と「カタナ女子」について調査!」の感想【2015/05/27(水)】 -