Hot Guy Street Vendors Are Becoming A Trend In Asia And Women Are Loving It

Please let this catch on! Make this a thing!

After Taiwan provided the world with the hottest bean curd seller last month, the competition for the most attractive food vendor seemed over...

...until now.

Introducing Jordan Yeoh, Malaysia's — and possibly the world's — hottest durian fruit seller.

Yeoh wrote on Facebook that he noticed the popularity of market vendors on the internet right now, so he decided to help out his aunt and uncle at their durian fruit stall.

Facebook: jordanyeohfitness

It's been a great decision.

His fans agree.



According to his Facebook page, Yeoh is an "ambassador, fitness enthusiast, certified personal trainer, and fitness model."

Facebook: jordanyeohfitness

Yeoh also has a website, an Instagram, and a YouTube channel where he posts fitness tips and motivational photos.

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So inspirational.

Is this love? Or am I just overcome with the smell of durian fruit?

Hot bean curd guy is from Taiwan. An earlier version of this post misstated where he was from.

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