People Keep Sharing This Heartbreaking Comic About The Love Between A Dog And Owner

Here come the tears.

Over the last week, people have been sharing a heartbreaking comic about a dog saying goodbye to its owner.

The comic, published by Übertool, shows a dog thanking its owner for the love and care it received through life, before being put down.

It has been causing people to have rather intense emotions.

15 years later: all my mutuals have graduated, are happily married, rich, have children while I'm still crying over that dog comic

The artist behind Übertool, Mark Glavin, told BuzzFeed News the idea for the comic – originally drawn in 2014 – came after he saw a post on Reddit.

"The person was writing about a note they had received from a veterinarian's office after they had to put their dog down. The note basically said, 'Don't ever forget you were responsible for giving your dog a great life,'" he said.

"The post was very emotional and really stuck with me. I thought, 'What if the dog told them the same thing?' I think dogs always put others first and if they could, they would console the person, even if they knew they were going to die."

Glavin says the post pops up now and then when people lose a pet and connect with the comic.

"The comments are often heartbreaking," he said.

"There are a lot where people are addressing their pet directly, and many tell the story of the pet and the difficult decision that had to be made.

"People have thanked me for making the comic, and I hope it eases their sadness if only just a little."

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