There's An Amazing Fan Theory That Proves Captain America And Austin Powers Are Basically The Same Person

All credit to Tumblr user mamalaz.

Both characters are literally frozen in time.

And are super patriotic about their country.

Both have a difficult time catching up with modern developments.

And have a evil bald enemy.

They share a fondness for a dance sequence.

And for love interests related to old flames.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, the creator of this theory, Tumblr user mamalaz said that she came up with it whilst having a "cheeky re-watch of Austin Powers."

"I came to the mildly horrifying realisation that not only was Austin also a frozen man out of time but there were other (frankly ridiculous) comparisons throughout," she said. "The fact Captain America was serious in tone and Austin Powers was a pure comedy made it even more amusing."

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