Gucci Put Turbans On Their Models And People Are Not Happy

The show also featured models wearing items that looked like hijabs and pagodas.

On Wedneday, Gucci staged their Milan Fashion Week Show.

Following the show, a number of publications picked up on what they described as "strange" and "nightmarish" elements to the show, particularly models carrying replicas of their own heads down the runway.

However, on social media, a number of people pointed out that models had walked the runway wearing turbans or dastars.

This is unacceptable and offensive @gucci. Wearing another religions article of faith is not fashion, its appropria…

A number of people called out the brand for choosing to but a turban on a white model, rather than hiring Sikh models.

so instead of hiring a sikh model they just put a TURBAN on a white boy??? WTF GUCCI

Thanks @gucci for entirely appropriating my religion. Ffs, I’m pretty sure you could have found a Sikh model to wea…

Actor Avan Jogia, who walked in Dolce and Gabbana's Milan show last year, called out the decision, saying it was, "not a good look."

Yo.. @gucci ... I mess with you guys... but this isn't a good look for you... could you not find a brown model?

However, others said that this wasn't about hiring diverse models, but respecting religious dress.

It’s not even about finding a brown model, turban is seen as a crown, symbol of respect and dignity for the Sikhs,…

Wow.....seriously @gucci ? Not one of you thought “hey maybe we should pass on the Sikh turban as an accessory?”

a turban is not a fashion accessory. @gucci

People pointed out that there have been numerous cases of Sikhs being attacked for wearing a turban or expressing their religion.

how is it that a turban can be a hot new accessory for white @gucci models but when a brown man wears one he's a ta…

@MaxiVitelleschi @desiavan @AvanJogia @gucci @HIMANSHU Hundreds and thousands of Sikhs were de-scalped and killed f…

The show also featured a white model wearing what appeared to be a hijab and niqab.

What I wanna know is who at @gucci thought this was okay. You really had to go and appropriate cultural and religio…

And some have pointed out a hat which seems to resemble a pagoda.

"Goth asian temple, but for your head" @gucci fall show is gucci af

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Gucci for comment.

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