After Elsie Fisher Faced Backlash For Tweeting Her Excitement About "Bohemian Rhapsody" Winning A Golden Globe, People Jumped To Her Defense

People on Twitter have been sticking up for the teen actor after her tweet provoked a backlash.

On Sunday, Eighth Grade star Elsie Fisher attended the Golden Globes, where she was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy.

During the ceremony, 15-year-old Fisher tweeted her happiness at Rami Malek and Bohemian Rhapsody winning Best Actor and Best Motion Picture — Drama.


While many people enjoyed Fisher's enthusiasm, others criticized her for praising a film that has proved so controversial.

Quickly after her first tweet, Fisher responded to some of the criticism, asking, "Why is everyone being so mean about this?"

Why is everyone being so mean about this? I’m genuinely sorry if I did something wrong :(

Fisher continued, saying she wished to be informed if she said problematic things on Twitter and that she wasn't fully aware of the issues surrounding the film but still supported Rami Malek.

I’ll continue to be proud of Rami and the supporting cast because they are incredible, but otherwise I will hold back. Understand this though; there are many problematic people in Hollywood, and as someone who is busy frequently I don’t always have time to keep up. So tell me.

People quickly tweeted their support for Fisher, commending her eloquence and supporting her right to like the film.

@ElsieKFisher You sad human beings, attacking a kid for appreciating a movie she liked. Terrible people. Don't worry about them, Elsie, and great job in Eight Grade, it was an emotional surreal portrayal you did there.

@ElsieKFisher hope you had a great time tonight! don't let weirdos on twitter get you down

@ElsieKFisher you didn't do anything wrong you are a gem!

Many people argued that the comments Fisher received constituted bullying.

Woke up, still feeling furious about the bullying Elsie Fisher was subjected to. Look at this 15 year old-- she is classier & more grown-up than most of Twitter combined.

Elsie is a lovely soul and does not deserve any of this. If you want to show yourselves as being better than the most annoying of Bohemian Rhapsody's fans, go for the people that knew about Bryan Singer's history and praised the film uncaringly.

i dont wanna see any motherfucker throwing shade at elsie fisher, she's literally 15

Fisher didn't comment further on the tweets, but liked several supportive messages from fans on Twitter.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Fisher's reps for comment.

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