Trump Threatened To Stop Obamacare Outreach, So Celebs Made Their Own Ads

Actor Colton Dunn said the ads were his own way to "resist" Trump.

It was reported last week that President Trump halt outreach and advertising for the Affordable Care Act — or, Obamacare — in final week of registration for the year. Trump has vowed to "repeal and replace" the act.

In response, comedian and actor Colton Dunn decided to make his own advert, encouraging people to register before the deadline on January 31st.

Some POS pulled all the ads so i made my own. Sign up for #Heathcare today! Deadline Jan 31st…

Since Friday, Dunn has made a video a day raising awareness of the approaching deadline.

Dumb dumbs tried to pull ads. We stopped them! 3 more days! Go to before January 31st! Tell…

Dunn has shared the videos across his social media channels, along with the hashtag #PullThisAd.

They out here banning peeps, we out here getting healthcare. 2 more days! Go get it!…

Now other people have joined in, creating their own amusing PSAs to make sure people sign up.

Inspired by @captdope, here's a commercial for HEALTH INSURANCE. get what's yours… #pullthisad Sign up for healthcare today! Could save your life.

The videos have been met with praise from other social media users, who are encouraging other celebrities to follow Dunn's example. Even the former administrator of Medicare and Medicaid praised Dunn's effort.

Thanks @captdope-- that's patriotic.

@captdope @ASlavitt I depend on ACA! Appreciate all you are doing to get more people covered. Keep it up!

@MaraWilson Could you remind your followers that the deadline to enroll for healthcare is 1/31 at ? #PullThisAd

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Dunn said that he was inspired to create the adverts out of anger and frustration.

.@ASlavitt Thank you for running the #ACA! I have countless friends and family that depend on it. Minnesotans gotta stick together!

"When a story came out that the new administration was going to pull the ads I was mad," he said. "These were ads that we (tax payers) had already paid for. I get they don't like the ACA but to stop people from getting insured while it was still available was straight up evil."

Job done ✅ ❤

Even though the decision to cut outreach was reversed, Dunn said he decided to continue making the videos as it was his way to "channel overall anger and resist."

No gimmicks. One more day. #ACA #PullThisAd #Love

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