This Woman Wrote A Perfect Song About How Awful People Are At Restaurants

Think of it like 2016's version of 2006's "Shoes," but with more ranch dressing.

A hilarious video mocking the typical behaviour of diners is being heralded as the song of the summer.

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Back in July, comedian Joy Brooker uploaded a song to her YouTube channel called "Can I Get A Box?"

Think of it like 2016's version of 2006's "Shoes," but with more ranch dressing.

Brooker, a 26-year-old from Orange County in California, told BuzzFeed News that the song was inspired by her job as a restaurant server.

"I work in an area where there are a lot of wealthy white people, and the dialect and mannerisms are very 'Valley girl.' The accent definitely rubbed off on me when I moved here too," she said. "One day I had an idea to poke fun at the way the accent sounds when the girls in my area ask me for things, since I experience a lot of the same questions every day. The thing I get asked the most, by everyone, is 'Can I get a box?'"

The incredibly catchy song quickly caught the attention of other YouTubers. Tyler Oakley and Meghan Tonjes both shared the link.

And then it spread to social media, where people can't stop sharing their new obsession.

Brooker said she credits the video's success to its relatable elements mixed with humor.

"So many people watch it and tag their friends saying, 'This is you,' which makes me happy. I love that I've made something that's allowing people to laugh at themselves," she said. "Another one of my favorite reactions I've had to it so far is people saying, 'What the heck did I just watch?'"

Someone: do you want the rest of my food? I can't finish it. Me:

So catchy it actually kind of makes you want to ask for a box.

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