Someone Had A Dream About A Cat Meme And It Became Real

Dream big.

A few weeks ago, Tumblr user loghain — who has since changed their username — shared a post in which they said they dreamt of a new meme called "BODE."

"Last night, I dreamt that there was like a new meme/slang and it was 'bode' as in like bodacious so like ppl would zoom in on pics of rlly fat cats and it would just say 'BODE.'"

According to Know Your Meme, in the next few days a number of other Tumblr blogs began making their own versions of BODE.

In its simplest form, BODE is pictures of cats, sometimes overweight, with "BODE" written over the image.

Since its creation, the meme has also been used to describe catlike things, or things with names that rhyme with "BODE."

The meme's creator told BuzzFeed that they were initially overwhelmed by how popular their dream had become, but now they're happy people are enjoying the meme.

"Mostly I'm just really glad people are enjoying it and sharing pictures of their cats," they said. "Because, like, who doesn't love pictures of cute cats being called bodacious?"