After Their Friend Died, These Guys Started Using Instagram To Tell Him About Their Lives

"He didn't even know the effect he had on their lives."

Last November, 19-year-old Dwight Foster died. Foster was a high school graduate and avid photographer.

A few months after Foster's death, two of his friends, Zheyuan Tang and Dyshere Cutler, were hanging out, playing video games. After the game they felt the need to tell Foster the result, so posted on his Instagram.

Cutler told BuzzFeed News the messages were a reaction to the overwhelming amount of sad messages originally left on the photo. The reaction to Cutler's comments were overwhelmingly positive, he said, adding, "It had his older brother Patrick laughing."

Afterwards, Cutler continued to comment on the photo, and slowly more and more friends joined in.

Sometimes the friends tell Foster about times they've thought of him, and other times they just talk about their day-to-day lives.

Others focus on news events that center around Foster's interests.

The friend's comments were noticed by a stranger who shared them on Twitter, where they have been retweeted over 5,000 times.

This dude passed away and his friends comment on his last post with updates on their lives. I love it.

Since the tweet, strangers have joined in sending Foster messages.

Cutler said Foster had a love for photography, so remembering him via his Instagram was fitting.

As for the future, he said, his group of friends plan to continue telling Foster about their lives.

"Dwight was a cool dude — like, he brought lot of people together and he didn't even know the [effect] he had on their lives, including mine," he said. "He was a master behind the camera — all you have to do is look at his Instagram to tell that much."

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