People Love That This Soccer Player Tracked Down The Guy Who Asked For His Shirt

"I have never felt like this before."

Simon Mignolet is a 30-year-old goalkeeper who plays for Liverpool and the Belgian national soccer team.

This week — before his team's World Cup match against Japan — Mignolet noticed a sign in the crowd, asking him for his shirt. Following the game, he tweeted a picture of the sign and its owner, asking for help.

I need your help Twitter, can we find this guy? #BELJPN

And Twitter got to work. (Some people were a little less helpful than others.)

@SMignolet I mean it wasn’t me but I still want your shirt

But eventually, they found the man behind the sign.

@SMignolet Dear @SMignolet . My name is Arsen, I am the guy, that u were looking for) came from Kyrgyzstan to see u, my Idol!

Turns out his name is Arsen Altybaev, a 21-year-old from Kyrgyzstan who told BuzzFeed News that he is a huge fan of Mignolet and his playing style.

Mignolet and Altybaev met up in Kazan, Russia, where Belgium is due to play Brazil on Friday.

Twitter, we found him. Meet Arsen. Travelled from Kyrgyzstan to Russia. And yes, he got my shirt. How I love social media❤ thanks all!!! #YNWA #Worldcup

When Mignolet tweeted about the meeting, people were super happy!

@SMignolet Legend on Twitter, well done Simon

@SMignolet Proving again what a top guy you are, brilliant gesture.👏👏

@SMignolet You've a lovely guy Simon. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! ❤️

Altybaev said that meeting his hero was indescribable.

"I have never felt like this before," he said.

He also shared a video of their meeting to his Instagram.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Mignolet for comment, (and maybe also for a shirt, like everyone else in his mentions).

@SMignolet Hahhaa give me one then..not a Belgium jersey but a Liverpool one...atleast reply yes or no