A "Zootopia" Fanfic That Some People Believe Is Anti-Abortion Has Become A Meme

The fanfic's author has said the comic does not take an anti-abortion stance, but that hasn't stopped it freaking some people out.

Last week a number of Twitter users tweeted excerpts from a comic called I Will Survive.

In case you didn’t think the internet could get any weirder - I discovered there’s a Zootopia pro life fanfic comic

The comic, released in March by artist William Borba, is a Zootopia fanfic about Judy Hopps, a rabbit, getting pregnant by Nick Wilde, a fox.

well folks i just found out about the pro-life Zootopia fan comic, so that's me done for the day.

The story was initially shared to DeviantArt starting in March. It later appeared on a Zootopia fansite. You can read it here or watch a slideshow below.

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Last week, people on social media began to make edits to panels, turning them into memes.

It was truly a special thing.

why the absolute FUCK did i spend so much time making this

The comic also received attention for the perceived anti-abortion stance the character Nick takes.

I never thought I'd say this string of words in my entire life but it's 2017 and that zootopia pro life comic is ruining my fucking life

Borba said in a reply on his DeviantArt page that the comic was not anti-abortion and neither is he.

Other DeviantArt comments were wild.

heres the best part of the zootopia pro life comic

But still, it's quite the meme...


the good ending of the zootopia prolife comic is

BuzzFeed News reached out to Borba for comment.

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