A Woman In This Ad Was Censored By Being Photoshopped Into A Beach Ball And People Can’t Believe It


Saco Hardware is a retailer based in Saudi Arabia.

On Sunday, Twitter user @SilentRuins shared a screenshot of a Saco tweet about Intex swimming pools. They pointed out that the photo used was heavily photoshopped, turning a woman into a beach ball.

Saudi censorship is just fucking hilarious. The woman just became a ball.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to @SilentRuins.

And yes, the tweet is totally real.

للمسابح حصة كبيرة ضمن عروضات ساكو! لا تفوتوها وقوموا بزيارة معارضنا #الكل_للكل https://t.co/YwaR99o792

The before...

And after.

@SilentRuins' tweet went viral, and has been retweeted over 85,000 times. People were totally shocked by the side-by-side photos.

@SilentRuins My eyes just popped out. What on earth is this monstrosity?

Some pointed out that this is a very common thing in Saudi Arabia, with women regularly removed from catalogs, adverts, and other public photos.

@VishalManve12 @SilentRuins This happens a lot. In my translation class we talked about an Ikea catalogue where they had erased every woman.

@SilentRuins dude in the actual stores, they just put black tape everywhere 😂

Not only had the mother been turned into a ball, but the family was now fully clothed too.

Advert selling a swimming pool has family in it wearing swimming gear - for Saudi market they all wear proper cloth… https://t.co/FEPIgcKxeA

Others just found the photoshop job really funny.

@Pikaclicks @aliffahme @SilentRuins @Q_Lily Those kids smiling at the ball that raised them is hilarious

@SilentRuins Or did the ball just become a woman

And decided to make the best of a bad photoshop.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Saco for comment.

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