This Censored Image Of A Man's Enlarged Breast Has Pissed People Off

Warning: This post may or may not contain nudity, depending on how you look at it.

Earlier this month, Spanish radio station Europa FM published a story to its website about a Chinese teenage man with gynecomastia, a condition that causes males to experience an increase in breast tissue size.

Weeks after the article was published, one of the station's shows, Ponte a Prueba, shared the story to its Twitter account. But in the thumbnail, the right nipple – the enlarged one – was blurred.

👉 Intervienen a un joven de un pecho que le estaba creciendo como a una mujer

People noticed and were unimpressed.

They thought the blurring of the larger breast was an example of how society censors women's bodies.

@ponteaprueba Gracias por tan buena descripción gráfica de la mierda de sociedad machista en la que vivimos.

"Thank you for such a good graphic description of shit sexist society in which we live."

@Animalastica @Dalayn Según parece, el pezón masculino es anatomía, pero el pezón femenino es sexo. Cuanta mente enferma hay por el mundo.

"Apparently, the male nipple is anatomy, but the female nipple is sex. How many sick minds there are around the world."

Others just thought it was hilarious that they'd only censor one breast.


No me puedo creer que hayan censurado un pezón y el otro no.

"I can not believe they censored one nipple and not the other."

There were some suggestions for edits.

And some better ones.

@FeliiVazquez @Animalastica Ahí está mejor.

Following the backlash to tweet, the radio station began replying to some users who had expressed outrage, going so far as to even ask a few of them to come on the show and talk about it.

@javilsantos @Combeferre_TG @Vaetten @Caralge Te gustaría opinar sobre este tema en el programa? Síguenos, escríben…

"Would you like to talk about this on the show? Follow us, so we can send a DM."

And told others that it wasn't responsible, it just "tweeted someone else's news."

@follopizzas Lo que es la falta de información amigo... Nosotros no hemos censurado nada. Solo nos hicimos eco de una noticia de otro medio.

"This is what lack of information does, friend. We didn't publish anything, we just tweeted someone else's news."

@ainobiebs Y tú lo suficientemente inteligente como para saber que esa noticia no es nuestra. Gracias.

"And you are smart enough to know that that's not our piece."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Europa FM for further comment.

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