This Guy Did A Photoshoot In A Swamp And Now It's A Huge Meme

Just your average day in an office swamp.

A guy from Russia has become a meme after doing a photoshoot in a swamp.

Brothers 16-year-old Igor and 21-year-old Alex Nazarov, from the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, created their own photoshoot for a contest. The photos are meant to symbolize working life and office routines.

Last year, the boys had a small online hit with a picture of Igor in a suit in a lake. Recently, they thought they'd try another photoshoot.

Igor told BuzzFeed News that about a month ago, the brothers drove to a local village's overgrown pond, taking with them old office equipment and a suit. The shoot took about an hour.

The photos were originally uploaded by Alex to Russian social network VK, then shared to community page "How I Met tetanus", where they went viral.

Quickly, Igor was made into a Russian meme.

"This is me coming back to Russia."

"This is fine."

/@martin_camera когда не знаешь как добавить эффектов в презенташку и зовешь опытного менеджера

"When you don’t know how to add some cool effects to your PowerPoint presentation and asks for help from a more experienced colleague."

The photos quickly found a global audience.

Igor said the hardest part of the shoot was getting the furniture into the water, after that it was easy. He says the brothers were looking to " highlight the office routine in all of its meanings" and didn't expect the enthusiastic reaction.

Glad it was worth it, Igor!

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