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This Guy Challenged T.I. To An "Anti-Gravity Hat-Off" And Hilarity Ensued

The king of the sideways hat has been challenged.

Posted on January 22, 2016, at 10:59 a.m. ET

If you haven't noticed, the rapper T.I. went through a phase of wearing his hat slightly to one side, like this.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

And this.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

On Thursday, Twitter user @KriegLaFlare challenged T.I. to what he called an "anti-gravity hat-off".

I challenge you to an anti gravity hat off Clifford. You have 24 hours to respond or I am the new King @Tip

Quickly others began joining in, looking to take the title as rightful heir to the side-hat throne.

@KriegLaFlare @Tip sorry to break dis to you Kriegory, but I been the New King of The Souf


@2Girls1Richard @KriegLaFlare @Tip kriegory. richmond. nice try. but i think tha true champion has arrived

@bedheadshawty @KriegLaFlare @2Girls1Richard @Tip Fuck all y'all I'm on the come up

It got really out of hand.

@bedheadshawty @2Girls1Richard @Tip it's not over till I say it's over

@KriegLaFlare @bedheadshawty @2Girls1Richard @Tip Y'all thought but I'm the God of this shit


@KriegLaFlare @2Girls1Richard @Tip my nigga dis shit not a game. i come from a long line of anti gravity warriors


@KriegLaFlare @bedheadshawty @2Girls1Richard @Tip spooky

@CharlieMack29 @YoungIkey @VicPrestige @AustinValentino @bedheadshawty @2Girls1Richard @KriegLaFlare @Tip ThinkTwice

@KriegLaFlare @bedheadshawty @2Girls1Richard @Tip Nawl POTNA u got it fucked up shawty


Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Krieg Walker aka @KriegLaFlare said he was inspired to challenge "the king of the South and the king of balancing hats on his head" after one of his songs came on a playlist.

@bedheadshawty @2Girls1Richard @Tip u sure bout dat?

"I decided to challenge him for king of both spots," he said. "That really doesn't matter, though — I just want a response from T.I. by 3:18 Pacific Standard Time or he forfeits his title and I become king of the hats and maybe the South."

As of 07:29 PT, T.I. had yet to respond to the challenge.