This Guy Put Arguments About Whether Characters Were Gay On A T-Shirt And It's Magnificent

Possibly the best way to deal with internet comments.

Lukas C is a 21-year-old from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lukas likes video games, but has found that when he goes to read about them online, the conversations devolve into arguments over characters' sexuality.

Frustrated, he started screenshotting the worst comments about video game series Metal Gear.

i joke a lot about the extents male gamers go to prove that metal gear is NOT homoerotic but this is truly the wors…

After capturing a load of terrible reactions, a friend joked he should put them on a T-shirt. And that's exactly what he did.

Lukas tweeted his creation on Saturday. Since being shared, it has been retweeted over 3,000 times.

peep my new shirt. it's made up entirely of two hundred tender souls arguing over which metal gear character is gay

It's a piece of art, tbh.

full pictures of the shirt don't do it justice. every inch of this is gold

Twitter: @androphonos_

The tweet provoked others with similar shirts to share their creations.

Others wanted to get their own version of Lukas's shirt.

@androphonos_ dod you buy this somewhere or had it made hsgfjfnl

I kinda need to buy this shirt.

He happily obliged.

if you are interested in owning this horrid shirt, you can order your very own copy here

Lukas told BuzzFeed News that he has found reaction to be mixed, but that he has had a load of support from other LGBT people who feel the same way he does.

This is.. so beautiful *tear*

He said that the T-shirt wasn't specifically targeting anyone.

"It was about highlighting the absurd reasons people come up with to deny even the smallest hint of queerness in media because it's something they feel threatened by," he said. "It’s as if even liking a male character who might also like dudes defines them personally."

But he's taking the comments of those who disagree with him well.

i don't even play mgs but i want this so bad

"A few people have been vocal about how wrong I am, but what they don’t realize is that they’re actually just giving me content for my next piece," he said. "I’m thinking a hat."

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