People Have A Lot Of Thoughts About This Comic Explaining Cuckolding

And they turned them into memes.

Oh Joy Sex Toy is a weekly web comic that focuses on sex education. The comic is run by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan.

Since 2013, the pair have posted educational cartoons, covering topics from consent and abortion to hiding boners and DIY BDSM.

On Tuesday, the pair posted a comic explaining the practice of cuckolding, called "What the Fuck's a Cuck?" The full comic can be read on the website.

The comic intended to expel the negative connotations around the word "cuck," which has recently become associated with the alt-right.

The comic features a couple — Joe and Kate — and their "bull," Craig. It is their personal account of how cuckolding works for them and provides some insight into the kink in general.

There was also a lot of moments of humor throughout.

After publishing, Nolan added a note clarifying that the comic only represents only one experience of cuckolding.

However, some people disliked the comic's lighthearted take to the topic of cuckolding. Lines from the comic, such as "Joe, shut up and get the fuck out," were made into memes.

me: this cuck comic is bad, and i wish to never see it again my timeline: we agree on the first part, but on the second, we extremely do not

but it's just the price i pay destiny is calling me open up my hotwife's thighs cause i'm mr cucked guy

Some people feel that the comic was an odd response to the alt-right's use of the term "cuck."

imagine seeing "cuck" used as an insult by nazis and going "clearly the issue here is that cucks are being kinkshamed"

The Daily Dot said that the comic had glossed over cuckolding's often racist aspects. In a now-deleted update, Nolan said he believed there was a difference between racism and "race-play."

Still thinking about that OJST comic...I just want Moen to clarify consensual race-play for me real quick

No offense but it seems a little disingenuous to do a cutesy sex posi comic about cuck and just gloss over the whole "mostly is racist" part

But others have defended Oh Joy Sex Toy and their decision to tackle the topic.

Nolan told BuzzFeed News that the pair had been wanting to cover more kinks for a while, and since they knew a few cuckolding trios, decided to focus on it.

"I found their dynamics and the depth of the kink to be really interesting. It's so deep and personal," he said.

"I was really drawn in at the bravery I thought they all seemed to show — it's loaded with so many hot pressure points. I wanted to understand what was going on in all their heads."

Nolan said that he was proud of the comic, and while he and Moen said they have separated themselves from the criticism, he is glad some people found it funny.

"Turns out cuckolding is a hot topic, and a lot of people have a lot of different ideas about it," he said. "I tried my best to unpack the kink I was seeing into something short, while also making a fun comic."

saddest story in six words is "for sale baby shoes never worn" saddest story in seven: "joe, shut up and get the fuck out"

"If people can read the whole thing I'll be happy, even if they don't take it seriously. Getting people to walk away with something learned is all I can really hope for."