People Are Outraged At This Chinese Bank Who Beat Its Failing Employees

A video shows employees of Changzhi Rural Commercial Bank being humiliated in front of an audience.

A video has emerged on Chinese social network Weibo of a group of employees from Changzhi Rural Commercial Bank being publicly spanked for poor work performance.

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According to the People's Daily, a group of workers were picked out by company-hired trainers for their apparently low-performance record.

They were then brought up on stage, where they were asked "why you ranked the lowest today," and responded in turn, "because I have not exceeded myself." The trainer then moved up and down the line, hitting the employees. Some reports also suggest their hair was cut too.

Throughout the video, audience members are shown flinching and turning away from the spectacle. At the end, one of the women in the line steps out of place and appears to muffle a cry.

The trainer in the video, Jiang Yang, has apologized via Weibo, saying beating is "a training model I have tried for years."


However, Weibo users have reacted angrily to the video, and have commented on Yang's apology post, expressing their distaste with his actions.


"One needs to use reasonable methods to inspire employees, which needs to be well-minded — your way of enslaving will only yield something opposite, I disgust this training."


"To devastate others’ spirits is the so-called encouragement you are talking about? And it’s your successful experience for the past years? A human being has to be humiliated in public to work hard and achieve success? And this is your so-called management training."


"The purpose of training is to let your bank employees win more clients, because the world of finance is small, finance products tend to get similar, and the industry finally is competing differentiated services. The purpose of the training should be to give the clients some new thoughts, new methods, not to force them. What you teach them is simple brainwash and short-term excitement — their performance will get back to what it originally was after half a year..."

According to the BBC, two executives at the bank have been suspended.



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