The World Cup Has Brought People All Across The World Together. But It's Treated Women Like Shit.

Apparently this shit is still happening.

1. When Vicki Sparks, the first woman to live-commentate on a World Cup match, was questioned by men and people on social media on whether she was suitable for the role because she's a woman.

2. And when this was said about women pundits.

Pls collect your son Simon Kelner from the World Cup party, he has wet himself for attention

3. When former French player Patrice Evra did this to Eni Aluko during an ITV panel discussion.

4. When this photo gallery was made.

apparently not even getty can resist the siren song of the traffic from photos of uncompensated beautiful women

5. And all these posts.

Men: we don’t want women to watch the World Cup because they only focus with the players’s looks. We can’t with this mo7n Also men:

6. And whoever thought this was OK.

7. When this woman went viral because in her ID photo she wore a hijab.

If she see her ID card, she had hijab in Iran .. Freedom🤣😜🧕🏻 #Iran #IranRegimeChange #Iranian #iranvsspain #hijab #freedom #funny #funniestshare #FunnyWomen #women #woman #FootballWorldCup2018 #football #FootballWorldCup #Soccer2018 #soccer

8. When multiple journalists were assaulted while just trying to do their jobs.


10. This bad tweet.

WORLD CUP CONSCIENCE - send a personalised gift of sweets to the wife/girlfriend for ignoring her during the World Cup, only £14.99. Fits through a standard letterbox, so no waiting in for delivery. Perfect way to show you still care whilst glued to the TV

Sugar — who has not deleted the tweet — later sent out another one, but this time including "wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend".

11. And then when this happened.

12. When this Colombian man, annoyed that his team had just lost to Japan, made female Japanese fans say: "I'm a whore".

This list will be updated. [Sigh]

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