16 Facts About Dating That Will Change The Way You Think About Love

Apparently, love at first sight doesn't happen just on the big screen.

This is Helen Fisher, the chief science adviser for Match.com and an anthropologist who specializes in ~love~.

1. Myth: If you initially don’t find someone attractive, you will never fall in love with them.

2. Myth: Partners are curious about your ex early on.

3. Myth: Singles rarely think long term on a first date.

4. Myth: Romantic love is always triggered by physical attraction first.

5. Myth: Love at first sight only exists in the movies.

6. Myth: Intense, passionate, romantic love lasts no more than a few months.

7. Myth: To singles, getting married shows that you really love someone.

8. Myth: Single men want more nights out with friends than women do.

9. Myth: Men like being single.

10. Myth: Men are turned off by a successful woman.

11. Myth: Men are uncomfortable when a woman asks them out.

12. Myth: Men feel that proposing marriage is always the man’s job.

13. Myth: Men don’t put in much prep time before a date.

14. Myth: Men don’t want to date smarter women.

15. Myth: Women want to move in together with a new partner sooner than men do.

16. Myth: Singles without children avoid dating single parents with children.

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