26 Photos To Remember The Legendary Tupac Shakur On The Anniversary Of His Death

It has been 25 years since Tupac's death, but his legacy still lives on today.

On Sept. 13, 1996, Tupac Shakur died after being wounded in a drive-by shooting six days earlier in Las Vegas. Though there have been numerous police investigations into the crime, no one has ever been charged. If he were alive today, the rap legend would be 50 years old.

Tupac was no stranger to the Billboard charts or the big screen; his hits include “California Love,” “Changes,” and “Hit 'Em Up.” Here are some photos that show off his indelible style.

Tupac smiles and wears a bandana, knit vest, and denim shirt
Tupac stands behind a lectern, speaks into a microphone, and gestures with his hand, standing next to Snoop Dogg in a suit
A close-up of Tupac's face, wearing a backward cap, rings, and a wristwatch
Three men smile and lean forward to talk into microphones
Tupac, wearing an Oakland A's jersey, holds Janet Jackson in a photo studio
Tupac on a stage with other people raps into a microphone above a crowd of fans
Tupac gives the finger to the camera
Tupac lifts his shirt to reveal a "thug life" tattoo across his abs

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