These Photos Show The Immense Scale Of The Wildfires Ravaging Greece

Thousands of people, many with injured animals, have been forced to flee the wildfires.

Hundreds of wildfires in Greece have forced people to evacuate as the nation struggles to regain control over the natural disaster.

On the Greek island of Evia, which produces many staples, including olives, figs, and honey, wildfires have forced residents and their animals onto ferries and into temporary shelters. “These last few days have been among the hardest for our country in decades,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said. “We are dealing with a natural disaster of unprecedented dimensions.” The causes of the blazes have yet to be determined, although they are inextricably linked to human-caused climate change. The planet has already warmed 2.1 degrees since 1880, according to NASA, exacerbating the frequency and scale of natural disasters. Wildfire seasons are becoming more drawn out. And heat waves are becoming hotter, occurring more frequently, and lasting longer.

These photos show the bravery of people fighting to put out the flames and the hardship of those evacuating, who are carrying with them personal items and animals who've been injured or burned.

Passengers board a ferry at night as a fire burns on the horizon
A woman walks off a boat carrying bags full of personal belongings
A standing woman holds her dog close to her chest in front of a barbed-wire fence as a fire burns in the background
Dogs are contained in crates and lying on beach chairs on a rocky shore under a hazy sky
A charred building is surrounded by rubble after a wildfire ravaged the interior
A woman puts her hand to her forehead and has her head down in sadness as a wildfire gets closer to her property
Volunteers stand by a firefighter near massive flames in the background
A temporary shelter in a basketball court has cots and temporary beds set up, wall to wall
A volunteer helps handle six injured turtles, some of which have bandages taped to their shells, placed in individual plastic boxes with water
A person holds a goose with burnt webbed feet
A dog sleeps with its paws wrapped in bandages after suffering an injury from a wildfire
People and their animals stand on a rocky shore before boarding a large boat to evacuate their home island
An injured turtle, with their shell wrapped in gauze, eats leafy greens and stands on a newspaper
A man standing by burning weeds swings a leafy branch at the ground
A man pulls his cow as they attempt to escape the wildfires in the background
People sit in a meadow under a smoky, hazy sky as a fire burns beyond the horizon
People wearing face masks sit in chairs side by side with a big fluffy dog on a vessel
An aerial view of a burnt forest
A church's wall, decorated with images of saints, is cracked and charred, surrounded by debris, after a wildfire
A sculpture of a Greek god stands beside a Greek flag, both silhouetted against a hazy sky
People sit inside a ferry as the sun sets

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