These Photos Show Life In Afghanistan As The Last US Soldiers Leave

Afghans are mourning and preparing to move on as they near the end of an era.

After two decades of war, Monday was one of the last days for US military forces to leave Afghanistan before President Joe Biden's deadline to withdraw on Aug. 31. It came after a week of panicked flights out of Kabul, a suicide bombing at the airport, and a US airstrike. Scenes on the ground over the past 48 hours show members of the Taliban guarding the airport, people mourning, a resistance militia preparing for what's ahead, US troops departing, displaced Afghans setting up camps in Kabul, and some still looking to flee over the border to Pakistan. These photos capture life as the country closes one chapter and braces itself for the unknown future.

Afghan residents stand in silence as a plane flies overhead
Taliban resistance soldiers hold guns and participate in a training
Taliban resistance soldiers hold a log and guns and participate in a training
Afghan residents walk to a border station to leave for Pakistan
A soldier is surrounded by belongings and debris as he stands guard outside an airport
People come to observe the scene where an airstrike was carried out
Taliban soldiers sit on a truck as they patrol Kabul
Anti-Taliban resistance soldiers train by carrying logs as they walk through water
Afghan women and children are seen arriving at a school in the morning
Afghan students participate in class at a middle school
Taliban fighters stand outside Hamid Karzai International Airport as a plane flies over
American soldiers board an aircraft in Kabul
Patients at a hospital lie in bed as they heal from injuries
Anti-Taliban militiamen circle up outside as they take part in a training exercise
An Afghan soldier holds a gun as he patrols a remote road

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