8 Studies That Debunk Male Gender Stereotypes

Nature didn't really design men to be especially rational, aggressive, or insensitive. A lot of that has to do with nurture.

You hear conservatives say it all the time: men should 'naturally' be more rational and less sensitive, whereas women's 'natural' brain structures wire them for language and empathy.

But what if these differences aren't so cut and dry (or even that drastic)? Consider some of these studies:

1. Between infancy and first grade, boys express their emotions more passionately than girls.

2. Worldwide, boys aren't any better at math than girls.

3. Young men are more emotionally vulnerable to troubles in their relationships than young women are.

I mean, just listen to Usher here. Or actually, any guy band at all.

4. Men are less rational investors than women.

5. Men aren't worse than women at reading emotional cues.

6. Men monitor their partners more than women.

7. Men are four times as likely as women to commit suicide after divorce.

8. In anonymous settings, men aren't more aggressive than women.

And finally...