The Royal Corgis Made An Appearance During Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Procession And Are Still Very Much Alive

Muick and Sandy are playing and thriving (and maybe a little bored).

The royal corgis, Muick and Sandy, awaited the funeral procession for Queen Elizabeth II to arrive at Windsor Castle on Monday. The dogs are very much alive and have not been euthanized, as a viral rumor suggested.

The Queen's love for corgis was well documented throughout her life, and she raised more than 30 of them over the years, according to estimates. When she died, she owned two Pembroke Welsh corgis, as well as two other dogs.

Corgis wait with two handlers

Muick and Sandy will be present when the Queen's coffin arrives at Windsor Castle. Do not worry, they will not be buried with her.

A paragraph from an article on the Independent's website, which states that the Queen “stopped breeding corgis as she does not wish any to survive her in the event of her death," was taken out of context in a viral tweet. Though the intent was to convey that the Queen was done breeding dogs, people joked that the dogs would be euthanized.

BuzzFeed News confirmed that Prince Andrew and his former wife Sarah, Duchess of York, will take care of the dogs in their Royal Lodge, which they continue to share after their divorce. They gifted the dogs to the Queen in 2021.

The dog's presence at the Queen's Committal Service tugged at the heartstrings of Twitter users.

The Queen’s corgis, Muick and Sandy, sit in the forecourt of Windsor Castle to greet Her Majesty.

Twitter: @RoyalCentral

Waiting for their mistress, the Queen corgis - Sandy and Muick - are brought out to see the funeral procession at Windsor 😢

Twitter: @RE_DailyMail

you’re telling me they got the corgis out to say goodbye to the queen one last time.. i need tissue’s please 😭

Twitter: @acupofanna

The royal corgis await the cortege on the day of the state funeral and burial of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, at Windsor Castle in Windsor Pic Reuters

Twitter: @elliotwagland

As the Queen’s coffin enters Windsor Castle, the place she called home and the place where she lived for most of her last years, her Corgis Muick and Sandy are waiting for her. #QueenElizabethII #queensfuneral 🎥 @itvnews

Twitter: @chrisshipitv

Look at its little face 🥺🥺 #Corgi #queensfuneral

Twitter: @sezlou4

The Queen's Fell pony, Carltonlima Emma, also stood by with handlers to honor the monarch.

The Queen’s corgis, Muick and Sandy and her horse, Emma, say their farewells. #queensfuneral

Twitter: @bookrepmama

I was not emotionally prepared for the Queen's pony and Corgis

Twitter: @ellievhall
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