Nicki Minaj Has Been Trending This Week And The Whole Situation Is A Hot Mess

The rapper once again started trending on social media this week after her fanbase launched an attack against her critics.

Nicki Minaj once again started trending on social media this week after her fanbase, known as Barbz, launched an attack against the rapper's critics. Things got messy, as online beefs do, so we’ll break it down for you.

Cultural commentator Kimberly Nicole Foster tweeted on Sept. 12 that Minaj is a “horrible person,” prompting Barbz to respond with threatening posts and text messages that Foster has documented publicly.

Nicki is so clearly a horrible person. Negativity sticks to her like glue. Idk if we’ve ever seen this before.

Twitter: @KimberlyNFoster

Foster, who has not yet responded to a request for comment, has criticized Minaj and her fans in the past. She said in a YouTube video that she decided to post about Minaj because she had noticed the rapper posting "nastiness on social media" and making hateful comments on her Amp radio show.

Foster has tweeted that she is considering legal action in response to the harassment, but no lawsuit has been filed. She also confronted at least one fan on Twitter about their behavior and documented multiple instances of attempted doxxing and death threats.

I really hope you'll change your mind because I'm moving forward on 9/15.

Twitter: @KimberlyNFoster

“I've reported every incident, and I will make every attempt to pursue damages from every person who contacted me or posted that information,” she wrote.

She also shared screenshots and recordings of text messages she received that included threats like “I will mvrder your whole family” and “can’t wait to see your face when I shoot your building up.”

The initial post has been deleted because it included phone numbers, but she has since shared additional censored screenshots.

Now I have to explain this to the leasing office.

Twitter: @KimberlyNFoster
Twitter: @KimberlyNFoster
Twitter: @KimberlyNFoster

“Public documentation of events does not equal playing the victim,” Foster tweeted. She later wrote that she “appreciated” the two people who apologized for harassing her.

Foster also shared evidence that Minaj has been liking negative posts that Barbz have posted about her.

Look at Nicki liking the harassment…

Twitter: @KimberlyNFoster

Nicki minaj liking comments about alleged gang members k!llng Nosey Heaux with such a big influence/following is beyond sick to me.

Twitter: @slapthebank

Minaj has a history of firing back at critics with help from her fans, including writer Wanna Thompson, who faced harassment in 2018 after she tweeted about how “dope it would be if Nicki put out mature content.” In 2021, Minaj reportedly tried to dox two journalists who were investigating her false claims about COVID-19. And just this week, legal documents revealed that Minaj is suing a blogger she claims called her a “cokehead.” The rapper also praised fans for sending her team screenshots of evidence that can be used in the case.

Y’all don’t find this shit weird? …

Twitter: @ZxkAttxck

Foster wrote that she realized any lawsuit against Barbz could be a “long-term project.”

“I'm not naturally oriented toward vengeance, but this has to be escalated,” she tweeted.

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